11 June 2008

Ref Outs the NBA

Tim Donaghy, a former NBA ref who has pled guilty and is facing federal sentencing, had the NBA file a million dollar restitution claim against him. Facing this somewhat doubtful, but possibly very damaging claim, how did Donaghy react? His lawyer filed a letter to the judge "explaining" how Donaghy is cooperating and pointing out manipulations which the NBA and its refs have engaged in to make the "right" teams win (or, at least have a better chance to win).

The only question left is who has greater credibility, the WWE or the NBA? At least the WWE doesn't pretend to be a real sport.

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Anonymous said...

"At least the WWE doesn't pretend to be a real sport."

What in the Sam Hill are you talking about. Wrestling IS REAL!! Just ask Kige Ramsey.