26 February 2009

Albo, Walsh, & Hassell, Oh My!
The Continuing Battle Over Judicial Reviews

Remember, back in December, when I commented how "The New Private Judicial Review Process Starting to Come Off the Rails." Well, the conflict is still ongoing.

So far, the reviews of Virginian judges have not been used by the General Assembly.
Neither chairman has opened the sealed packets, Del. David B. Albo, R-Fairfax, because the order creates the possibility that he could be held in contempt of court and Sen. Henry L. Marsh III because he thinks the process is unfair to judges.
Frustrated with the gag order from the Chief Justice, the legislators have made noises about making Chief Justice Hassell appear and explain the need for his order and the legality of his order. They also made an attempt to take the control of the judicial review away from the Supreme Court; the Delegates voted to do so, but the Senate killed it by committee vote.

[AMENDMENT] Just got a ping in my news searches and it appears the Supreme Court is backing down after Delegate Albo (Chairman of the House Courts of Justice Committee) led a contingent of Delegates over to speak to a contingent of Justices. Now, legislators will be able to ask sitting judges about their evaluations during their reappointment proceedings, in public hearings.

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