29 March 2009

Introducing "Little Red"

Not sure what kind of dog he is, but "Little Red" here adopted into the family last week. He's 15-20 pounds, has a little bushy mane, and is young. I'm hoping he's still got some growing to do since his paws are big for his body, but I suspect he'll max out at maybe 30 pounds. The little guy is fearless and on the first night stood nose to nose with my hound a couple times (both growling) until I broke them up (my lab just ignores him).


Brandeis said...

Check out http://www.carolinadogs.com/ . i'm not at all sure, but these pictures suggest that Little Red might be a Carolina Dog, "the American dingo."

Ken Lammers said...

Yes, the face & body style are similar. Coloration is different, tail does not curl upward & has a slight mane. Of course, I'm sure he's mix breed and that's the closest thing I've seen so far. Maybe 80% American Dingo?