16 August 2009

Around the Blawgs

1) Skelly is gone. :`(

2) And so is Feddie.

3) Scott's still baiting lawprofs, making fun of marketers, and telling them dang worthless kids to get off his lawn and go work for a living.

4) Mark is slowly unfolding his "How to treat a jury" exposition.

5) How loud do you have to yawn to be found in contempt?

6) You're liable if you call the police during a robbery and someone is killed in the ensuing shootout?

7) I'm not sure that allowing 18 year olds to drink will discourage "binge" drinking - especially since "binge" drinking has been redefined by prohibitionists from a multi-day bender to a fairly normal 5 drinks (4 if you're female) - but here's an interesting post about whether the federal blackmail requiring the drinking age to be 21 might be unconstitutional.

8) Windy wants you to support a Feminazi scumbag.

9) Who needs permission for a DUI blood test? In Kentucky you just wait until they're asleep . . .

10) Yep, California, the land that pioneered marijuana hang-nail therapy. (You know it's bad when NPR is calling them out)

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