21 October 2009

The Shelby County Anti-Judge Mutiny:
When the Judge is Too Nice to Defendants

It's not a good thing to have a Commonwealth’s Attorney, County Attorney, Assistant County Attorney, District Court Judge get together to write an anonymous letter of complaint to the Judicial Conduct Commission stating that if the Circuit Court Judge remains on the bench "blood in the streets", because he is too lenient.

Not sure how true any of this is, but it makes me leery of running for judge in Kentucky.

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Bill said...

If the facts are as described, this is really appalling.

I am also surprised by the fact that for a judge in Kentucky to obtain a clerk, a specific appropriation by the legislature is necessary. Not only is such a system ripe for abuse, but it seems very inefficient. Don't most courts simply allocate one clerk per judge or whatever the number may be and pay for it out of a lump sum budget line?