19 November 2009

Lawyers Needed in London (Kentucky that is)

As part of my vacation I've been running around getting pictures of some of the local courthouses in Kentucky. Most of them I got on my way North (before it started raining). However, I was driving back to Virginia this morning I stopped in London, Kentucky to get gas. I figured the local courthouse wasn't too far away and thought I could spare a half hour or so to go grab some pictures.

I asked the lady at the counter of the stop and steal where the local courthouse was and she called the delivery guy over to give me directions. After I get directions they're both standing there pointedly not asking me why I need to know. The conversation then proceeded like this:

Me: Don't worry. I'm not trouble. I'm an attorney from Virginia and I'm taking pictures of courthouses while I'm on vacation.

Lady: You know, we need more good lawyers here in London.

Me: I know Virginia law. Kentucky law, not so much.

Lady: You need to learn some and move down here.

Unfortunately, I think I'm going to have to disappoint the lady. No reciprocity and an abiding desire not to take another Bar examine ever again are almost insurmountable obstacles.

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Flash Gordon said...

I took the Wyoming Bar 30 years after being admitted in Colorado (no reciprocity). I planned on keeping it a secret in case I flunked it I wouldn't be embarrassed. But as soon as I finished the very long process of getting approved to take it, I told everyone I saw that I was going to be taking the Wyoming bar. Then I spent two months leading up to the day sweating bullets, and two months waiting for results with a sense of dread. Fortunately, I passed.

Wyoming calls you on the telephone if you pass, but sends you a letter if you flunk. Picking up the mail every day after the first 6 weeks or so was no fun. The day the phone rang and a voice said it was the Wyoming State Bar calling I don't think I heard anything else that was said. I didn't need to.