16 February 2003

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It is a slow day. I guess not much illegal occurs on Sundays in the middle of ice storms and I screwed up and left all the work at the office. I was curious as to how many of my fellow graduates are up on the web so I researched and came up with this list. These are all the people who belong to firms which have put them online (although some websites were a little quirky and did not allow citing to the exact page for that attorney). Click on the name and it will send you to that person's profile.

Albie Armfield*****Chandler Bailey*****Robert Baker
John Bartram*****Matthew Cheek
Aylett Colston*****Allison Driver*****Tom Dunlap
Anne Duprey*****Justin Flamm*****Ken Ford
Beth Formidoni*****Daniel Grubb*****John Hamann
Josh Harmon*****Jennifer Haynes*****Kristy Hazelwood
Robyn Hill*****Kelly Horan*****Mary Katherine Hovious
Matt Huebschman*****William Hutchinson*****Wyndall Ivey
Russell Jessee*****Charles Kemp*****Scott Klein
David Leshner*****Jonathan MacArthur*****Michael Maddren
Mary Martin*****John McChesney*****Brian McNamara
Morgan Meyer*****Darren Moore*****Ken Moore
Mary Naumann*****Matt Nozemack******Melissa Pignatelli
Brett Pisciotta*****Virginia Price******Michael Resch
Gary Seligman*****Mark Sherrill*****Jennifer Shugars
Susan Simpson*****Calvin Smith*****Jim Stoltz
Ellen Wasilausky*****Matthew Young

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