25 September 2003

E-mails to bloggers:

Volokh has a post to which I must say Amen.

My 2 cents:

If someone wants me to comment they should either do what Eugene Volokh suggests (most do) or send me a link to the news article. Even then there is no guarantee. I have to limit the time I spend on the blawg every day because I do have to spend a fairly large amount of time taking care of my clients' business.

Also, e-mails commenting on my posts are always welcome but I think I only reply to about 25%. This is not meant to be disrespectful; it is because I can only spend so much time doing things related to the blawg.

Sorry if that's a little on the rude side but for a while there the blog was just taking too much time so I've had to rein it in.

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