28 September 2003

Law Enforcement in the News:

(1) The police chief of Seat Pleasant, Maryland has been charged with "taking pornographic photos of a boy in a junior police program he created and coercing the boy to have sex."

(2) Isabel wrought havoc on the Baltimore police department including flooding its evidence unit. And here's a admittal that will raise chain-of-custody nightmares for the prosecution: "prosecutors were forced to seek a postponement in a first-degree murder trial. Evidence, including ballistics, photos and bloodstained clothing, could not be located in time for trial Monday because it had been moved to avoid the flood."

(3) Britain has its first black chief constable.

(4) Three men lose their jobs after a 17 year old was improperly released for custody.

(5) Trial begins for three guards accused of having set a prisoner up to be raped.

(6) There comes a point where you have to build a new jail whether you want to or not.

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