20 February 2004

Normally when I see DUI laws going too far I go bonkers and rant (just a little) here. But this is so far over the edge that all I can do is shake my head in wonderment and assume the entire House in New Mexico wants to be voted out of office.
New Mexico is considering a law that would make all drivers exhale into an alcohol detection device in their cars before they could start the engine.

The New Mexico House of Representatives on Monday passed a bill to require an ignition lock that will prevent a car from starting if the driver fails a breath test.
And that's going to go over real well when gramma Smith can't get her car to start because she can't get the device to register a sample.

All I can think is that the members must think that the Senate will reject this and they will get the benefit of being able to tell the prohibitionists that they tried without the angering the entire population. This is even dumber than Virginia almost throwing citizens in jail for a first DUI.

Gotta agree with the comment of B.B. (who pointed this out to me) that this would be good for business . . . for the car dealerships on the other side of the border.

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