21 April 2004

Thanks to Law.com's Newswire for the link today (also here).

Yes, a lot of my work is "just plain gutting it out." Nobody told me in law school that I'd spend most of my time either sitting in court for hours, waiting for my client's case to be called, or driving from one far-flung jail to another because the big trend nowadays is to store inmates in regional jails which are inevitably far away from civilization and even farther away from each other. And, I'm certain no one told me that because my week is spent running that I'd spend large chunks of my weekends fighting the paperwork battle.

However, there are bright points when you can help an innocent or (more likely) overcharged client. There are also low points. I still remember vividly the first time a judge convicted a client whom I believed was actually innocent. I still wonder what I could have done differently.

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