17 April 2004

Virginia Bills passed and signed by the governor which affect criminal law:

SB659, Quayle, repeals Virginia's "blue laws" on Sunday closings.

SB607, Wampler, prohibits licensing a methadone clinic within one-half mile of a day care center or elementary or secondary school.

SB242, Norment, prohibits price gouging by suppliers selling, leasing or licensing goods and services during times of disaster.

HB801, Petersen, makes illegal hazing of gang members.

HB404, Janis, allows a concealed weapons permit holder to buy more than one handgun a month and allows a person to buy more than one handgun a month through a private sale.

HB633, Bell, makes videotaping a nude or undergarment-clad minor without his or her consent a felony.

HB667, Bell, reduces the blood alcohol content for drunk drivers from .20 to .15 for purposes of mandatory confinement of 10 days, 20 days for second offense, and requires a mandatory two-day jail term for a blood alcohol content between .12 and .15 percent.

HB848, S.C. Jones, provides $1.225 million in restitution for Julius Earl Ruffin, who was imprisoned for 21 years for a rape he didn't commit.

HB1130, McDonnell, provides for the seizure of a car upon a third drunken driving conviction within 10 years.

Amended by the Governor:

SB333, Stolle, to lift Virginia's 21-day deadline for inmates to introduce previously undiscovered evidence of innocence. (Removes limit of one petition of actual innocence per conviction.)

HB1, Cosgrove, makes it a felony for someone to intentionally kill the fetus of another. (Clarifies that the bill does not restrict access to abortions.)

HB1314, Albo, allows some state-owned liquor stores in northern Virginia and Hampton Roads to open on Sundays. (Technical amendment regarding drafting of rules for Sunday sales.)

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