08 June 2004

Jury Silliness


A jury is called and the judge and attorneys spend a hour doing jury selection. Then the judge asks if anyone needs to use the facilities before the trial begins, a couple jurors raise their hands, and the judge send them back to the jury room (which has its own facility). A minute later a juror opens the door and talks to the deputy who goes and gets the judge out of chambers. This exchange follows:
Judge: What seems to be the problem Ms. Smith?

Juror: I'm claustrophobic; I can't stay in that little room.

Judge: Why didn't you say something when I asked if anyone had any problems which might keep them from being able to complete their duty as a juror?

Juror: I didn't realize the room would be so small and without any windows. I'll be OK. I'll just have to take my valium.

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