08 June 2004

Possession of Chocolate Chip Cookies

The judge had called a "5 minute" recess1 and I'm standing there talking with a couple clerks and an officer:
Clerk: I smell something like a cake or something.

Me: I smell it too. It smells like chocolate chip cookies.

Officer: That's the pound of marijuana I have in my evidence bag.
More proof that it's a good thing I never decided to be a police officer. Just picture it, Officer Lammers walks up on a car full of 18 year old kids and they roll down the window. "Good evening folks (sniff, sniff). Hey, ya'll eating chocolate chip cookies in there?"

1 The judge is a prototypical Virginian and does things the Virginia way. The Virginia way, as best I can tell, does not involve looking at the clock very much. He's a good judge, it's just that everyone in the courtroom knows that in minutes 5=15 and 10=30.

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