04 July 2004

Around the Web

A couple of new sites have come to my attention. The first is The Prosecutor's Spot, a blog by a gentleman who is studying for the bar as you read this. It's not quite the Lexington, Kentucky prosecutor's page but it's interesting.

As well, I've been hearing rumors for a while now about Underneath Their Robes so I finally went and checked it out. It's ahhh . . . well, it's ummm . . . I think you need to go look at this one yourself. The latest post is of a judge beating Squiggy for a date on The Dating Game (downloading the video took a bit but it's worth it).

Apparently my readership is wide and varied. On the one hand, I am read by an "Everyday Saxophonist," while on the other I've recently been linked to by the Duke Law Students Blog.

On another subject, I have to say mea culpa. Every month I get a couple or three requests that I link to a new "blog" or website which is touted as informative and put out there to help people. Almost invariably these turn out to be advertisements by people who've been told that this is a way to get clients and make money. I check them out and generally pass. However, every once and a while one turns out to be for real. I goofed up on this one folks. The publisher of CCJA contacted me a while back and I don't think I mentioned it (probably because I mistook it for another ad).

Anyway the Center for Criminal Justice Advocacy has all sorts of resources which could be very useful to all (and particularly to those starting out). I link to the Bibliography page because each one of the four little blue blocks below it is worth checking.

On yet another subject I received a brand new twist on the Nigerian e-mail scam today which called upon me as a fellow muslim to help a man facing repression despite having moved from Northern Nigeria to Southern Nigeria. Innovative try but it probably would have worked better if I was muslim instead of CATHOLIC.

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