24 July 2004

Two Tiered Justice System?

Asking the important question: are we developing a two tiered system - one for celebrities and one for everyone else?

Oh, come on. Developing?

There has always been and will always be a two tiered system. Judges act differently in celebrity cases for at least two reasons. First, because of high interest the release of certain information can and will affect the jury pool. Second, and primarily, because the celebrity usually has tons of money her options are far greater. If my local street dealer had 500K to throw at a defense I could make life a living hell for the prosecutor. New motions could be ground out and presented day after day by associates covering every possible legal issue. Private investigators could look into every aspect of the arrest, the background of every single officer involved, the patterns and behaviors typical of local prosecutions, etc. Research of the judge's proclivities could be done. Mock juries could be held to see how best to attack the prosecutor's case. A grand old time would be had by all.

Of course, I'll not actually be able to run a Defense like that until I am hired by Kobe or Martha. I'm waiting, but they just don't seem to realize that they need to hire me.

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