24 July 2007

Around the CrimBlawgs

1) Underdog cautions us against relying on what is in Michael Vick's indictment.

2) A prison error releases a shooter 36 years short of the completion of his sentence.

3) Remember when you thought putting a password on your blog would give you a reasonable expectation of privacy? Well, both you and LaFave were wrong.

4) Brian tells the world why he doesn't want you calling him on Saturday about your kinfolk's bond.

5) Where do criminal lawyers fit in the grand scheme of things?

6) A client, his brothers, and the bad decision.

7) Be careful when you forge that doctor's excuse for court.

8) Cool, maybe I should go be an evil governmental flunky in Texas so that I can wear a pistol to court.

9) Life for .03g of meth.

10) Don't want a DUI? Don't breathe while you're in your new car.

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