26 July 2007

Around the Web

1) Dying to defend your marijuana plantation.

2) THEY WERE 18, ONE-EIGHT, EIGHTEEN. Judge, that means they were responsible for their own actions - not the older adults who weren't in the basement with them when they broke the law by drinking. Remember, if you live in Chicago and your roommate is doing something illegal you now have to tackle him and report him to the police.

3) Oh, Sure, the old hypoglycemic defense. See that one all the time. I wonder if that would work in Virginia . . .

4) If you put up a blog, making fake claims that you were a male hooker having sex with important people, said important people will likely turn to the police for satisfaction.

5) 30 years isn't enough for raping a 12 year old retarded boy.

6) WoW brings together a North Carolina 17 year old and an adult lady from Australia, leads to their plot to get him to Australia, and her arrest.

7) Swindle the elderly, get twice the prison sentence.

8) The number of underage prisoners in DC jails has tripled.

9) When your name is Valliant you have a lot to live up to.

10) Giving prisoners cards with unsolved murders and missing people on them. Creepy.

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