06 December 2007


1) Asking for more heat than mere police can provide: tricking nuns into letting you grow marijuana in their nunnery.

2) We're not the only country with a pot rebellion, but at least we don't have open combat like Nepal.

3) "[A] survey of almost a thousand physicians by Brown University researchers showed that doctors are significantly less supportive of medical marijuana than is the general public.

. . .

[B]itter historical experiences, supplemented by decades of subsequent research evidence that smoke inhalation of all forms (even wood smoke) can cause acute and long-term respiratory damage, make many physicians wary of recommending a smoked medicine. A smoked plant has the further disadvantage from a medical perspective of not being pure (e.g., what if the plant had been sprayed with pesticide?) or of a standardized dose. This exposes the patient to risk of side effects, and the physician to risk of malpractice.

As the California Pacific research team noted, for example, obtaining the correct dose of cannabidiol through smoking marijuana would be virtually impossible. It would also of course cause THC's psychoactive effects (cannabidiol is not psychoactive), which some patients find aversive.


Anonymous said...

All health risks of smoking are removed by using a vaporizer so that argument doesn't hold water any more. It's obvious you know nothing about cannabis use or you would know that the more potent the marijuana the easier it is to titrate your dose. For nausea goes away with just a few puffs of marijuana and stays away for 4 or more hours if the marijuana has a THC content of 20% or more. Plus when used in conjunction with the opiate type addictive pain killers commonly prescribed today allows the patient to get more relief with less opiates thus reducing the dependancy one builds up with opiates. Why? Because they are almost as addictive as nicotine. But opiate addiction is easier to break than nicotine addiction is. Just ask any recovering heroin addict and they will tell you they could kick heroin but not cigarettes. Vote Ron Paul and return this nation to a democracy with a Constitution rather than a Patriarcal society ruled by King George the I then by his son King George the II.~:)...Peace...

Anonymous said...

Yeah... maaaaan!
Speak "Truth to Power!"

Ken Lammers said...

Ummm . . .

The three rules of this blog are

1) No Politics
2) Civility
3) No Politics

I'm not going to remove either comment but ask you to plice yourselves.