06 December 2007

Strange CrimLaw News

1) In Australia Santa can't call anyone a "Ho" anymore.

2) You're not supposed to break into a jail to get sex.

3) Teaching the family business: theft.

4) Ah, yes, the good old fashioned flower pot - porsche theft technique.

5) No, he's not a smart thief if he kept a diary.

6) Don't be a bike rustler in Kibaale - they will kill you.

7) Wales: Heroin leads to coffee theft.

8) Overstealing money for college.

9) Stealing from the bereaved - deserves to be caught by those ironworkers.

10) The ever-popular "I steal, but I don't kill" defense.

11) Somebody must have a really big cat.

12) A parking meter under your coat just might prove conspicuous.

13) Stealing Eucharist - pretty sure that's a one way ticket.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

re #13 Stealing eucharist:

Interesting comments to the linked post. Especially the last one. Who knew?