30 January 2009

Various & Sundry CrimLaw Happenings

1) I don't know how serious his plans were to kill the President, but I've been to the Mall of America and I'm pretty sure that nothing short of a tactical nuke would be large enough to take it out.

2) Can an 80 pound 94 year old woman actually commit assault and battery?

3) Remember, the next time you see a rookie officer in Chicago he just might be a 14 year old kid pulling a scam.

4) Don't go buy your booze in the school bus.

5) Do not bring a loaded gun to your daughter's Halloween party.

6) Google and the Swiss art of catching marijuana growers.

7) You're in the middle of your escape. You're handcuffed to the guy escaping with you. There's a light pole ahead. What do you do?

8) Virginia: The General Assembly has found another way to suspend licenses that has nothing to do with driving: school attendance.

9) What happens when you cheat all sorts of people out of a gazillion dollars? They make a doll of you.

10) 20 years later - When the police finally realize you faked your own death - are the drug dealers you were hiding from still out there?

11) She both drove with SIX dogs in the cab of her truck - resulting in a fatal hit and run - and had an illegal tiger cub at home.

12) Infinite Creativity: Smuggling drugs into prison via paintings.

13) It's just plain sad if you can't keep a convicted spy from continuing in his chosen field while he is in federal prison.

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