22 February 2010

In the News

1) Tennessee "lawmakers are considering reining in cities' use of traffic cameras, contending local officials and companies are more interested in making money off motorists' fines than promoting safety." NO! Say it ain't so! (Virginia experimented with these and decided that they cause more wrecks than they stop and did not allow them) However, there are dire warnings from the Tennessee attorney general that if the changes aren't "reasonable" the localities will violate the contracts they've made with private companies abdicating the localities' duty to enforce traffic laws. (and with that comment I guess I shan't travel to Tennessee any time soon)

2) One dead husband buried without a head. One dead husband dumped in a well. I think I'm seeing a pattern here.

3) The Boomers and their vices: marijuana use rising as they get older.

4) Even a two year old racist poem gets you federal attention if the subject is the President.

5) In Virginia we stop evaluating judges if it might become public, in Kentucky . . .

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