22 February 2010

Virginia Government Furloughs:
Mandatory Unpaid Vacation

Please, Gentlemen and Ladies of the General Assembly and Mr. Governor, if you are going to cut my pay, just cut my pay. You can give me extra vacation - you can even mandate it if you want. However, a slight cut every two weeks beats a forced furlough wherein I have a significant portion of my salary for that month disappeared and have to figure out how to pay my rent, gas, food, etc. with a weeks' pay missing.

I understand that packaging it as a furlough allows you to keep everyone's salary up and may actually be better for me in the longer term. Therefore, I suggest a reduction in salaries with a two year sunset provision and any bonuses or raises linked to what salary will be after the sunset law has passed.

I'm not really against your proposal. I hope it saves jobs. I just would like to see it implemented in a better form.

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