15 September 2011

CrimLaw News From Around the Globe

1) A puff piece on Chesterfield County's drug court. Drug courts can run the gamut from extremely well run to just another way to save money by not sending people to prison. I haven't practiced in Chesterfield for over 5 years now, but it was one of the better ones I had seen as a defense attorney.

2) Wonderful. Drug companies are paying doctors oodles upon oodles of money. Of course, that has nothing to do with the rampant overprescribing and prescription drug abuse. Nothing at all.

3) If you dump your first three attorneys, you run the risk that the judge might decide to let you represent yourself.

4) Oops. Gotta follow the correct legal procedures if you want all that lucre from the traffic cams.

5) I'm Gumby Dang It! Now, give me all the money in the till.

6) If you show up an hour late to your murder trial, the judge might look askance at that.

7) Really? You can taser people if you have the right religious beliefs? Father O'Reilly hasn't keyed us in to that aspect of religion at Our Lady of the Mountains.

8) If you get subpoenas and send threat letters without the judge's permission, he might become a little irked.

9) The plural of moose is MOOSE. And it's still funny that they are getting drunk on apples.

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Anonymous said...

Incredible, $1 million a year and
The population
was 1559 at the 2000 census.
This is just theft.