09 November 2011

New Blog Layout

So, yesterday I was piddling around with some minor parts of the blog and accidently nuked it. Then I spent the rest of the day trying to put together a new layout. It took a while, but now I have most of the blog working. The only things left to fix are 1) I need to add back in links to other blogs (sorry if you get shorted - my list got slagged with the blog) and 2) I need to figure out how to get the featured posts entered and rotating like they do in the example here. If anyone can figure the second out drop me a line.

I don't like the color scheme and I'll probably end up working on that over the next little bit as I move the graphics from someone else's site to mine. I do like the more modern look. However, I am concerned that it may be slow. If anyone is having major problems let me know. The only reason I spent all the time trying to get this page up to snuff is that I like the slideshow (if I can ever get it working).

Anyway, hopefully I won't back to the bad old days when I rewrote the site every two weeks or so - but I make no promises. ;-)

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Do not "piddle around with some minor parts of the blog". You are a mutiple-time loser at this. Punishment will be swift and brutal!