24 August 2004

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completely unelectable reprints an article propounding the opening of juvenile courts and then posts an unfavorable reply to it.

Arbitrary and Capricious posts even more about the absolute disaster which is Grant County, Washington. You know that the local attorneys know the situation is bad and are running for cover when you read things like this:
On Friday, White filed court papers pleading for help. "I am swimming upstream right now," he wrote, saying he has no training in defending juveniles or experience with DNA. Admitting he lacks the experience to make crucial decisions in this case, he asked that Michele Shaw, an experienced Seattle attorney, be allowed to assist him.

White's current co-counsel wants to call it quits. De Young filed a motion last week asking to withdraw from the case, saying the county wasn't paying him promptly, causing financial hardship. He also said the county had poisoned the pool of available experts by stalling payment for their work in prior cases.

Without more financial help, De Young said, he feared being found incompetent, and held liable.
Macondo Law reprints an article which pretty much accuses various US Attorneys of "astro-turfing." If so, it strikes me as a rather inept way of doing it. If you are going to fake a grass roots movement you could do better than send two letters to Tennessee papers and one to Guam (unless there are a number of others and the author just didn't think it relevant to at least give us an estimated number). More likely, I think that "the brief" on this issue came down from the mount and the various USA's took it upon themselves to address the issue. Not wanting to cause future problems they cleaved to the revealed word and it shows. Either way it is humorous.

Mr. District Attorney shares somes frustrations over a judge.

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