17 August 2004

It's a Joke . . . I think

I was using a search engine to look up pictures under the keyword "attorney" and this came up. I'm pretty sure it's a joke. I think.


Anonymous said...

Its a joke. The 800 number is for a distriubtion company.

Come on! Use those lawyer investigatory skills! It took 5 seconds to make a toll free call to find this out.

Ken Lammers said...

Sure, no problem.

Send me your name, address, and credit card number and I'll research every bit of it and bill you the time. I'll keep it fairly cheap: only $150 a hour. Won't be more than a hour or three at most.

Anonymous said...

Actually Ken, I just sent YOU a bill for my time, also at $150 an hour. (I guess we have the same rates in W.Va. as in Va.?)

That will be $75 please for .5 hours work. 0.1 to read your initial post, 0.1 to make the call, 0.1 to make the intial post, 0.1 to read your comment, and another 0.1 to make this post.

Ken Lammers said...

I think you might have a little problem collecting since I didn't solicit the work. On the other hand I may be entitled to some quantum meruit based on the replies you have solicited through your posts. Yeah, .5 sounds about right. I could live with $75.