19 August 2004

Federalist Vetting of dog Names

Just remember folks, if you join the Cabal it must vet the names of your dogs.1 I'm not sure that Crime and Federalism is on safe grounds naming his dog "Amicus." It just sounds too much like something the ACLU or NACDL does.

Personally, I chose basic names. My labrador is named "Fred" after a famous graduate of my college (Centre) and my chow-golden retriever is named the "Spot" of Munsters fame. Both were vetted succesfully, although there was some problem with the Fred name. Consequently, I no longer name after people or things. When I named my cats "Buzz" and "Bit" they flew through the vettying process.

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1 Not to mention how hard it is to get a marriageable woman past them. How was I to know that my former intended's great-grandmother talked to Elizabeth Cady Staunton once?

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Tom Lincoln said...

Amicus is something the Office of the Solicitor General does quite often too. Moreover, he is supposed to be the Court's best friend, just like a dog is to the rest of us.