08 August 2004

The Great Texas Hibiscus Raid


The plant on the left is the Texas Star Hibiscus and the one on the right is marijuana. Apparently 10 members of the Harris County, Texas Organized Crime and Narcotics Task Force couldn't tell the difference. The hibiscus plants were in the front yard and based upon their presence a full scale raid of the house took place. But wait, if you think it's bizarre that members of a narcotics task force didn't know what marijuana looks like you need to know that it gets even stranger:
[T]he team of narcotics officers combed [the] house for about an hour, at one point discussing whether red and gold bamboo growing in [a] window might be marijuana. They also asked [the owner] what he did with the watermelons and cantaloupes growing in his back yard.
So, I guess the owner was going to cut a cantaloupe in half, hollow out one side, poke a bamboo shoot into it, and smoke his hibiscus through the improvised pipe.

From this point on every time a Harris County officer tries to use the artifice of claiming that he acted "based on my training and experience" the defense attorneys should have a field day.


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Anonymous said...

In Gulfport, Miss., the Harrison County Sheriff's Department discovered acres of kenaf, which looks like marijuana, but is grown for deer food. When field tests came back negative, the deputy decided it would be better to destroy the crop just in case, rather than risking the chance of someone getting high while more tests were conducted. The department was found not guilty of destroying personal property in court.