25 August 2004

Around the World

Algerian police are coming to the US to learn how to combat organized crime.

The Amsterdam City Council finds out it is renting space from the very criminals it condemns.

India and Kuwait sign an extradition treaty.

India is having some trouble keeping clever criminals in jail - at least if they fake a heart attack and ask to be let out of the car to take care of nature's call in the woods. Nevertheless, trying to get together and spring someone from an Indian jail by brute force doesn't seem to work.

It sems in India a finding of not guilty can be appealed two years later.

In Australia "desperate networks resort to crime."

A $20 million dollar drug case goes away in Australia because of police corruption.

A call for drug courts in South Africa.

This article makes it seem as though Trinidad might to to marsall law because of rising crimes rates.

In Japan probation officers will soon be doing post-trial support work for victims.

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