19 August 2004

A call for Assistance

As of now, I plan to go attend the Blakely forum at the Cato Institute next Thursday at noon (assuming that there is no reason I end up having to go to court that day).

From what little experience I have driving in the DC area, I assume that it would not be a good idea to drive into the city. A friend suggested that I park the car and take the subway in (like I'd know where the subway starts or ends). I'm pretty clueless about this. If anyone has any suggestions I'd gladly take any advice.

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Milbarge said...

I noticed that the Cato page has driving directions and a list of nearby parking lots. I don't think driving in DC is as bad as people make it out to be. After all, the streets are numbered and lettered, so it's easy to know if you're going in the wrong direction. Plus, you're going late enough in the day that you don't have to worry about the morning rush hour. (And it looks like all you'd need to do is take 395 to Mass. Ave.) I've also found that Union Station is convenient if I need a place to park. It has a huge parking deck, and there is a Metro station in the building. See here for directions. Good luck and have fun!