23 August 2004

The Post Which Follows This One

I am not happy with the post which immediately follows this. It's about the reason that I feel a Defense attorney is just in defending people whom he realizes are probably guilty. It is incomplete and requires so much more thought and research.

I have been trying to put this post together for a long time and I've never been satisfied with the result. I've walked away from it several times. The reasoning found in it is religious in nature and my instinct tells me that this needs to be developed quite a bit more. I suspect that a complete defense of the position would require several months of research and a seriously long paper.

After I wrote the post I came within an instant of once again erasing it and once again shelving the idea but I told Blonde Justice that I'd attempt to get something up this weekend about my reasoning for this kind of work.

So what follows is my attempt to explain . . .

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