12 August 2004

Wide World of Blogs

A Season of Mists looks like it's going to be a good addition to the blawgosphere.

ambivalent imbroglio points to the confidence it takes to be a PD while Arbitrary & Capricious points out how it's become more difficult to defend people as they've switched from mellow potheads to meth freaks.

The Prosecutor's Spot wonders if he did the right thing by showing leniency to a 13 year old boy and Crime & Federalism points to a prosecutor who has gone tooo far.

On the other hand, I respectfully dissent points out what life is like for those of us who eat what we kill.

Blonde Justice asks how people explain "beyond a reasonable doubt" to juries.

Public Defender Dude notes that if the Kobe case folds he will lose an example of an innocent man convicted.

True Believer points out that the ABA is going to recognize a specialization in DUI defense.

Via the Curmudgeonly Clerk: When Judges Strike Back! (coming soon as a Fox video)

Begging the Question offers a few questions that you probably should avoid in your Supreme Court argument.

Non Legal but VERY IMPORTANT: From SW VA Law - If you are walking in the woods in the next two weeks and a cube of fish meat falls from the sky and hits you in the head, you are not having a break with reality. However, you might want to watch out for the raccoons.

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