06 July 2003

What do you do?

Here's a bothersome situation which I encounter more than I like:

Client has been in jail for several months (unable to post bond). I come to jail with joyous news: she's going to win her trial!

Client: "If I plead guilty will I get out on my court date?"

"Probably, the guidelines only call for 3 months in jail and the city has already held you for five months."

"I'm going to plead guilty. Get me a plea bargain so I can get out of jail on my trial date."

"You'll get a felony on your record - which you don't have - and I'm 99% sure we will win your case."

"I don't care - get me a plea bargain so you can make sure I am out of here on my court date."

"If you win you'll get out on your court date."

"I want to make sure - get me a plea bargain."



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