17 January 2004

Death - Texas:

A Saudi Muslim killed a Moroccon Jew in Houston.

And then came the dreaded visit from Homeland Security (sans Defense attorney):
Homeland Security detective Bill Moore, who made the jailhouse visit to Alayed, told Reuters that Parnham was not contacted because the agency talked to his client about "jail security" issues that had nothing to do with the case.

"We routinely go over and interview inmates in the jail about matters not related to the case," he said. And they routinely do not tell the inmates' lawyers, he said.
Okay, that's just scary. And what does Homeland Security care about "jail security?" One might suspect that the Defendant could have been questioned about matters involving something like,oh, say, homeland security rather than whether the Defendant thinks that the jail does head count often enough or if the walls could be Shawshanked. Of course, why would you lie about something like that? As long as they don't talk to the prisoner about the charge in which he is represented law enforcement can come to the jail and talk to him. It may be a little slimy but it's perfectly constitutional.

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