31 January 2004

Suing for $1.5 million because the cat the librarians kept as a pet scratched an assistance dog.

$1.5 million? Okay, let's assume that the cat totally disabled the dog (not the normal result in the confrontations I've seen between cats and dogs). Let's assume your preferred breed of assistance dog is the rarest of breeds and the puppies cost $10,000 apiece. Let's assume that the breed is dumb and stubborn and takes two years to train with it's own full-time, personalized trainer at $75,000 a year. $1.5 million?

So what's that leave? Pain and suffering for the owner? If you're psyche is so frail that you cannot understand and deal with the fact that cats and dogs sometimes get into confrontations maybe you shouldn't go out into the world. There are cats all over out there.

And does anybody believe the cat started this? That runs contrary to most people's experiences. The only time I have seen my cats aggress against my dogs was when the female had her first litter. For the first month or so I think she would have attacked a black bear if it was stupid enough to get near that kitten.

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