20 January 2004

Strange Legal News:

(1) A lady fights a knife wielding robber off with a stapler: "I would have stapled him," Rankins said.

(2) If you yell at kids for playing their music too loud you could be the one convicted of disturbing the peace (at least in Montana).

(3) If somebody's selling a Harley for $10,000 less than market value it's a scam. Not a very well run scam but a scam nonetheless.

(4) If you steal a snake by stuffing it down your pants you might get bitten:
The tiger python snakes were not poisonous, and the 20-year-old man, whom police declined to identify, did not seek medical treatment for the bite to his groin area.

(5) If strippers are wearing flesh colored latex they are not nude:
Authorities say the officers, who had not seen the flesh-colored latex before, expressed doubt that the dancers were sufficiently covered. Court papers say police then were confronted by women "who held their breasts up to the officers and argued that they did have material covering their breasts."
(6) In Japan they are serious about their law enforcement: Police said they could not let the incidents slide, even though the men are believed to have stolen $0.0094 worth of electricity.

(7) Proof positive that Microsoft has absolutely no sense of humor: MikeRoweSoft.

(8) "A skinny rapist met his match in an angry, 275-pound prostitute." 'nuff said.

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