04 August 2006

Commonwealth Attorney Conference
The Old Worry Supplanted by a New

Okay, the Commonwealth Attorneys are all off on there get together/CLE yesterday, today, and tomorrow. These used to worry me because the prosecutors would come back with some fairly novel new approaches to the law:
Prosecutor: Your Honor, we're going to ask for the death penalty in this case.

Judge: Mr. Smith, this is a jaywalking case.

Prosecutor: I understand that your Honor. Under the new statute passed by the General Assembly as interpreted by Commonwealth v. Rankoov we can assert the death penalty as long as the misdemeanor doesn't specifically call for jail time.

Judge: If you say so counselor.

Me: (sputter) em, er, eh, WHAT!?!
Of course, that's not as much a concern as it has been in previous years. This year I suppose I should be more worried about the people with whom I've been bumping heads for the last seven years or so having interesting conversations with the guy who's going to be paying my salary pretty soon.

Hmmmm . . .

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Anonymous said...

I didn't see him there Ken.