21 August 2006

Not Guilty 'Cuz She Didn't Do It

She swears she deposited it, but the money's gone. The bank says its cameras show that no one deposited a bank bag. She's tried and convicted.

A year later they find the bag - right where she said she'd deposited it.


KipEsquire said...

How is "the bank says the tape shows..." not inadmissible hearsay?

With all due respect to concerns over the so-called "CSI Effect," there is no way in heck that I, as a juror, would vote to convict without seeing the tapes myself.

123txpublicdefender123 said...

Reading the article, it doesn't look like she was tried and convicted. She entered a diversion program instead. It sounds like the prosecutor's office is handling it honorably, though. They are agreeing to refund her the money she paid to enter diversion and $10/hr for the 40 hours of community service she did. Good for them.

The article also says she failed a polygraph test. Big surprise.