11 August 2006

Put 'em on TV

Forget timely release of oral arguments - there's no valid excuse for not televising the Supreme Court (C-Span 4: The Quatro). For that matter, there's no valid excuse for not televising all trials (except those involving accused minors).

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carpundit said...

I totally disagree. Television influences the behavior of the televised. The influence, in my experience, is never positive. We do not need judges, lawyers, juries, defendants, and cops acting. We need them thinking and telling the truth.

Further, courts of law are not courts of public opinion. We have a tendency to treat everything as if it ought to be voted on by everyone, and televising legal proceedings caters to that misconception, with consequences that cannot be foreseen.

Open public trials means interested people can go down to the court and keep an eye on the administration of American justice. It does not mean they can stay home, eat Doritos, and pick their favorite judge.