26 February 2007

Departed Wins Best Pictue

It was an interesting film. Violent, but interesting. I'm still not sure I understand the very last murder, but the rest of it made sense.


Anonymous said...

If you liked it, check out the chinese movie it was based on: Infernal Affairs. In many ways it is a more cohesive story - the rack of expensive stereo equipment at the end of the film, for example, makes a lot more sense.

Ken Lammers said...

Unfortunately, I doubt the local video store hereabouts has the video.

And my Chinese is a little rusty anyway.


Anonymous said...

I think the last murder happened cause the walberg character got the note from the dicaprio character that was left with the psychologist. it was revenge i think, remember at the begining walberg told him 'i may end up being your only friend in this.'