25 February 2007

They're Playing Basketball . . .

Yes, Ladies and Gentlemen, the most important time of the sports year has finally arrived - Basketball Playoffs - and I am just in hog heaven.

My College is playing for the championship for the SCAC today at 3:30 and can be listened to here should be listened to here.

It seems like most of Centre's team was named to the conference team.

[addendum]Centre took the lead from the beginning and never looked back: 72-57. Now on to the NCAA (if the professors will let them go).

My High School is ranked number 4 or number 3 in the Commonwealth of Kentucky and starts the 42d district playoff this Wednesday. If things turn out the way they should on Friday Bryan Station should be playing the number 1 team in the Commonwealth, Scott County. And, since the world is an unfair place and the top two teams from each district go to the 11th Region, Bryan Station and Scott County will probably have to face each other again to see who gets the single slot for the Sweet Sixteen.

Last weekend I went to Kentucky and watched both my alma maters play. Bryan Station (white) was playing the number 7 ranked Tates Creek Commodores (maroon).

It was a good game with Tates Creek pushing the whole way.

Click Here to View the End of the Game

Then I went and watched Centre (black) play Sewanee (white).

Click Here to View Part of the Game

This is the best part of the year.

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Go Colonels!