27 March 2008

So, You Want a Prosecutor Blawg

Sure, I'm out here and have been prosecuting about a year and 8 or 9 months, and Tom's been back for a while and posting every few days, but there's always room for one (or a lot) more. Ladies and Gentlemen, I present to you a newby prosecutor blog:

Western Justice

Everybody go over and say "Hi!" And I mean say "Hi!" Do me the favor of not sniping at him. The blawg is young, well written, partisan, and will drive some of you defense attorneys crazy. I'd rather ya'll not drive him off the web or discourage him or make him defensive. He's a new prosecutor and it's interesting to see his perspective. I'd rather not see that bogged down with back and forth sniping; I've already almost lost one of favorite blogs to this. If you must snipe go over to Tom's; he's been prosecuting for years and ain't nothing ya'll are going to say to him he can't shrug off or throw back at you (go on, ask him a question about the death penalty and Catholic theology - I dare you). On the other hand, I'm not sure I'd want to expose any new prosecutor to the withering, insightful, and pointed commentary of Scott or Mark if it weren't friendly (although, he does apparently share Mark's affinity for a certain picture; unusual that, most prosecutors seem to favor some variation on crusaders rather than gladiators). I guess what I'm asking is that while over there you comport yourself with the same dignity and courtesy you do while on this blawg.

Cool, we're now up to 3 prosecutors who actually blawg about *GASP* criminal law.


Mark Bennett said...

I had added WJ to my blogroll. Now I've added Tom as well . . . if my site ever comes back up.

Ken Lammers said...

Looks like you're back up. Are you using an actual blog roll showing only the blogs with recent posts?

Ed Veronda said...

Hey Crim Law. Thanks for the plug! I hope not to drive defense attorneys crazy--they are just doing their job--but I do hope to bring some people to realize the good that many unsung prosecutors do every day.