12 May 2008

CLTV Coming Later Today

Sorry folks, but something is very, very wrong on my computer. All I can figure is that I downloaded the new divx codec and it, somehow, has screwed up my Premiere LE. Spent the morning fighting it, but finally gave up and am doing it now with Windows Movie Maker.

Uploading now, but will have to put it on blawg later today.


Windypundit said...

Nice stuff. The Brady discussion was fascinating to a legal junkie like me...got me thinking...You said that in Virginia a prosecutor who withheld Brady material could probably only be charged with misdemeanor obstruction, but based on your earlier post, doesn't § 18.2-481(5) mean you could charge them with Treason? Just askin'?

Ken Lammers said...


Wait, wait, I can talk my way out of this . . .

I think that it probably would not apply because "the laws" and "its authority" mean Virginia's, not the federal government's. Brady is a federal requirement. Virginia does not punish violations of federal law.

(whew. I think that explanation will work.)