14 July 2008

CLTV 33: Legions of Nun-Thieves

The new CLTV is up and covers a lot of ground.

Here's the larger version over at CLTV itself.

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Windypundit said...

Oh, geez, what a relief! Nuns who are thieves! I was thinking "nun-thieves" was like auto thieves! I'm glad you cleared that up.

Thanks for all the mentions, and for the award.

I had about the same reaction you did to Barry Cooper's "kick my door in" message. I guess he likes the idea of taunting the cops...which is rarely a good idea...especially if you've got 25 pot plants in the basement...

As for the music (Insurgent country? Psychobilly? Cowpunk?), by some strange twist of fate, Chicago has a strong alternative country scene, mostly because we have Bloodshot Records. Try to find a copy of the Waco Brothers doing Baba O'Reilly (Teenage Wasteland) as a country song. It'll change your world. (Not really, but all the indy music fans like to talk that way, and it's still a cool song.)