26 July 2008

Working Over the Blogs

Been working over CrimLaw and CLTV. Here on CrimLaw the only thing I really did was fix a couple links and took the transparent part of the header out and replaced it with white. I'm not sure why, but a computer I looked at the other day was screwed up in the transparent part and there wasn't any real reason not to put the white in instead.

Over at CLTV I totally revamped the look. The logos on the right link to various video shows on the web which I think are worth watching.


Sprocket said...


Did you somehow turn off your atom? Your latest entry is not showing up on my bloglist, so I'm wondering.... with tinkering with things you somehoe turned off your atom? ???

Ken Lammers said...

Nope, Atom is working fine. The entry showed up on my Bloglines, which feeds from Atom. As well, when I go down to the graphic and click it the feed shows everything.

Is anyone else having a problem?

Sprocket said...

The new entry feed is working again. Sorry to be a pain, Ken.