21 July 2008

CLTV: I'm Not the CrimBlawger You Need, I'm the CrimBlawger You Deserve

CLTV Medal of CrimBlawging Excellence

4 catagories in today's CLTV: (1) Best True Stories, (2) Best News Stories, (3) Practical Theory, & (4) OMG! When Did Simple Justice Start Writing Like a Law Professor?

Best True Stories

1. ???????
2. ???????
3. ???????
4. Bad Court Thingy: Why We All Hate Domestic Cases
5. Ipse Dixit: Prosecutor Tells Judge Defendant Won't Be Ready for Trial
6. HOWT: Wasting a Perfectly Good Fake Heart Attack
7. The Policeman's Blog: The Canadian Car

Best News Stories

1. ???????
2. ???????
3. ???????
4. Ninth Circuit Blog: If the Judge Drops a Hint You Probably Ought to Take It
5. Kentucky Law Review: We Put Parole Violaters in Prison for a Reason
6. Ninth Circuit Blog: Will All Courts Now Have to Engage in Platonic Dualism to Depart From Guidelines? Or maybe just those departing downward?
7. The Faculty Lounge: Racist Speech Protected in the Military

Practical Theory

1. ???????
2. ??????? & ???????
3. ??????? & ???????
4. public defender dude: The Exclusionary Rule
5. the briefcase: Lies, Dang Lies, & . . .
6. Concurring Opinions: Why, exactly, was Justice Harlan wrong when he lifted "Our Constitution is color-blind, and neither knows nor tolerates classes among citizens" from a brief?


BTW: For those of ya'll who like to post awards on your blogs, feel free to take the award above whenever you make it into the LawCast.

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