11 April 2010

Quotes from The Guilt Project:
Rape, Morality and Law

Got this book to review (also bought the Kindle version). I haven't finished reading it yet and I'm one of those strange people who won't actually review a book without reading it. However, here are some interesting quotes from the book so far.
On sex with a drunk woman equaling rape: "The real snake is the thesis that women are like children, and like children, must be protected from themselves."

Explaining why women can't consent to prostitution under the "domination theory": "Women who voluntarily engage in prostitution have been involuntarily recruited by daily patriarchal practices and institutional ideology: a woman whores because it's a man's world."

"Feminism and prostitution, those twin administrations of women's bodies, each claiming province of their hearts and minds, have been conjoined since the Victorian era."

"In the too-liberal imagination, each of the Seven Deadly Sins is attributed to a mutilated Me: the glutton is only starved for affection, the violent lashes out to reach out, and the murderous just doesn't get the rest of us."
According to my Kindle, I'm 57% of the way through the book. I'll comment on the meat of it when I get to 100%.

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Omnibabe said...

How are you liking your Kindle now that you've had it a while?

I LOVE mine... but would like it better if, like the Nook, it allowed sharing of books.