20 June 2012

The Science of a Traffic Stop

Heisenberg and Schrodinger are driving down the highway at a prodigious rate of speed.  As they pass mile marker 34, a state trooper hits them with a radar, chases them down, and pulls them over.

The trooper walks up to the driver's side window and finds Heisenberg behind the wheel.

Trooper: "Sir, do you know how fast you were going when you passed that mile marker?"

Heisenberg: "Well, I can't because I now know where I was."

The trooper detains them and does a consent search of the car. In the trunk he finds a dead cat.  He goes back to his car where the two arrestees are sitting in the back seat.

Trooper:  "Did you know there is a dead cat in the trunk of your car?"

Schrodinger:  "Well, now I do."


Anonymous said...

Have you been watching "Through the Wormhole"?

Ken Lammers said...

Naw, I did eighth grade science back in the eighth grade.

Anonymous said...

Mom must be proud. Doin 8th grade science in in the 10th grade is...