10 January 2004

Well, I've shown you the inside of my office here1, so I thought this time I'd show you what is on the door to my office. Yes I realize that it is a tad gauche but it's a necessity. Once upon a time I had the typical faux brass plate on the door which said "Lammers Law Office." It wasn't spectacular looking but it was more appropriate. The problem was, my clients would come to the office and stand outside the door without coming in. The first couple times I thought something along the lines of "geez, what an idjut." But it kept happening over and over and over again. So finally I cracked, went out and had a sign made with nice big letters which would tell people specifically what to do (or that I was not there). You know what, it works. I haven't found a single confused client standing around in the hall since the day it was afixed to my door and I'll happily put up with a little tackiness if serves a practical purpose.

1 For those of you using Explorer only two of the pictures appear. I have no idea why this happens; if you want to see all the pictures switch to Opera, Netscape, or Mozilla (personally, I suggest Opera - once you get used to a few differences it is by far the best browser).

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